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Welcome to the official site of our Golden Retriever kennel

Golden retriever kennel

Beauty Champion of Slovenia – a breeding bitch

Claudie Love Golden Martha

Golden retriever

Motto: A dog doesn’t make our whole life, but it does make our life complete

 Golden retriever

Our kennel „Golden Claudie Love“ is named after our very first Golden Retriever, a Golden lady Claudie Love. We call her Meggi. We are a small family kennel and we got registered on January 23, 2015. Our station belongs to the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and a has a protected name „Golden Claudie Love“.

Golden retriever kennel

Meggi joined us in summer 2013, right after our beloved Betty, who was one of the two poodles we had at that time, had passed away. We had never had a Golden Retriever stay with us before so that was new for us, but Meggi made us firmly believe in the saying that „Golden Retrieves have golden hearts,” by her every move. And so we began to discover what a great friend and partner a Golden Retriever can be.

Meggi is a beautiful, calm, trusting, highly intelligent and patient dog who loves her family and we love her. Though being quite a big dog, she believes she belongs to our bed. She fancies kids and let them do whatever they want to her and feels the same way about puppies and small dogs, whom she treats gently. Meggi is grateful for the time we devote to her and gives back to us greatly. She’s beautiful but unpretentious and strong without being cruel. She lives with us in our house with a garden but has unlimited access to both the inside and the outside area. But you can always find her where we are at the moment. Like all Retrievers, she needs to be in contact with other people to be happy.

Though her focus is on exhibitions, she successfully passed the OVVR (Verification of Retriever’s Inborn Qualities). She was judged by the referee Michal Klasna in Kařez and received 168 points in the II.price. Meggi also managed to have great results in the show rings. At this moment, she is the Beauty champion of Slovenia and candidate for a beauty champion of Croatia. She received the „excellent“ grade 62 times (position - CAC 6 times, Res.CAC 7 times and BOB 2 times) in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.

Meggi’s parents are both well-known in the exhibition world as well: Her dad is Egoiste Du Boys De La Rayere, who was improted from France and is a Czech beauty champion and the candidate for the German champion and interchampion. Her mom, Velvet Charm Supreme Star, is a Polish champion.

Meggi is going to canistherapeutic tests, she gives love so much ♥

golden retriever

Meggi passed the Canistherapeutic exam and is now a Canistherapeutic dog for Pomocné tlapky!

It is generally known that no dog trained by Pomocné tlapky has ever bitten anybody. Retrievers that help people are very friendly and happy to be around people. Pomocné tlapky trains dogs to help kids as well. However, Meggi has been raised around kids, which made her used to them. Retrievers quickly understand that you need them, as they are very adaptable and intelligent. Once they are next a disabled person, they start helping him and their help goes beyond the commands they had learnt and beyond their duties. Retriever is your loyal companion and „a part of your body.” Pomocné tlapky trains exclusively Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers, and all trained dogs need to have a pedigree.

I am a member of the Retriever klub CZ (Czech Retriever Club) and the Klub chovatelů loveckých slídičů (Breeders of Hunting Trackers Club).

Meggie is a member of the Czech Retriever Club as well.